Hi, My name is

Kamil Dratwa

I am Developing the Web since 2008

About Me

I am a Web developer focused on e-commerce systems,
open to work with legacy software.

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My name is Kamil Dratwa, you can pronounce my name as «camyl». I was born in 1983 as a proud citizen of Poland.

Since 2008 I'm working as a professional Web Developer. I started my career at the time when PHP5 and Joomla ruled the World. Today, I'm still using PHP, but the results of my work are much more SOLID.

During my journey I was working with different frameworks and systems but since 2014 I'm primarily focused on e-commerce platforms like Magento and BigCommerce.

Personally, I enjoy family, nature, photography, DIY, bike and car mechanics.

Over the years I was using a lot of different technologies, systems, concepts and methodologies, the list below contains only those that I know really well.

  • Methodologies: Agile, Scrum
  • Workflow: Git Flow, Pivotal Tracker
  • Backend: PHP, MySQL
  • Frontend: SCSS, Vanilla JS
  • Platforms: BigCommerce, Magento
  • Frameworks: Symfony, Code Igniter, Joomla
  • 3rd party: Ads & GA4 server side e-com tracking
  • Quality: PSR, TDD
  • Stack: Docker, LAMP
  • Obsession: Accessibility, Standards, Speed

University of Economics, Katowice
Master's degree, Computer Science and Econometrics

WSTI, Katowice
Postgraduate, Computer Graphics

What I Do

Currently I'm working exclusively for well established web store from jewellery industry.
You can call me a full stack developer if you like.



With the help of SCRUM framework, I'm coordinating the team's development process and workflow in order to deliver stable features on time.



My responsibility is to keep the technology stack robust. I'm cooperating with partners which are delivering a reliable infrastructure and administration services.



I'm providing technological knowledge and analysis which is necessary for making strategic decisions by a company's management.



Active programming is my daily routine. I'm working with BigCommerce and Symfony on a daily basis - a day without problem solving would be boring.



As a huge fan of visual arts, I really enjoy front-end development. I'm always looking for opportunity to improve accessibility, speed and follow the standards.



I'm a photography geek. A few years ago, I launched local photography magazine obscurny.com which is a non-commercial initiative.


I started my career as a freelancer just to experience a overwork after a few years.
Then I found my happiness in long term contracts.


2008 - 2012

As a freelancer I served dozens of clients. In those early times of a professional web development I was a designer, coder and marketer, basically a… unicorn.

I learned a lot, my design, coding and business skills were upgraded, my customers were happy… but the price was quite high: I was heavily overworked and I needed to change my professional life.

2012 - 2014

After four years of freelancing, I decided to align my career path. I started to work on a long term contract for SWSM (Silesian Medical School) and WSTI (Silesian IT School) as a software developer.

I was focused only on coding so my skills were improved significantly. What is even more important, the team was wonderful and I enjoyed every minute of work for those companies.

2014 - 2024

A few years ago, I pushed my career fully into e-commerce. Since 2014 I've been working for My Trio Rings a Web store specialized in jewellery products.

Our system still needs a lot of care, but I'm super happy that I can work on different technological challenges with such a great team.


It is my hobby, but not just a hobby. It's an important part of my life. Even if I am not an active photographer at the moment, I am grateful for everything I learned and experienced on my photographic journey.

Btw. Don't forget to visit obscurny.com, local, non-commercial photo magazine which I created a few years ago with a group of ambitious and devoted people.


2022 - 2024
My Trio Rings BigCommerce Era
Platform Tech leading mytriorings.com re-platforming from Magento 1.9 to BigCommerce.
Tech leading mabelmain.com launch on BigCommerce.
Backend Symfony based, multi-store, application for feeding BC instances with products via API.
Date estimation module, powered by the internal order management system.
Custom abandoned carts application (BC API, Symfony, Klaviyo, Partially).
Couple of smaller projects like: customer verification application, automated description module or related products module.
Frontend Application for the option based, virtual product variant selection.
Implementation of server-side tracking in the Google Tag Manager (GA4, Ads, Re-marketing etc.).
Custom built, Cornerstone based, theme
DevOps Dockerized version of the Stencil development environment.
Extending BigCommerce PHP API library for the internal needs, including V3 API communication.
2016 - 2022
My Trio Rings Magento Era
Platform Tech co-leading mytriorings.com re-platforming from Joomla to Magento 1.9.
Backend Extend warranty service integration via custom-built module, fully integrated with the Magento backend.
Delivery and shipping dates estimation module integrated with the Symfony based orders management system.
Automated sales module: sales scheduling and dynamic deal bars.
Automated traffic control module.
Many small projects like: custom product feeds generator.
Frontend JS driven catalog application (similar to SearchSpring, Klevu etc). Including custom filtering module.
Mobile oriented, small, JS application for try-it-on product experience.
Many small projects like: automated product highlight cards or custom related products module.
DevOps Introduced Git-Flow based, formalised, software development process.
Admin Coordinating the process of moving the entire company's stack, from the single server to the two dedicated machines with App/DB separation.
2014 - 2016
My Trio Rings Joomla Era
Backend Quasi AI image generator.
Sale scheduler and deals module.
Delivery date estimation module.
Frontend Page speed oriented template re-factoring.
Plenty of pre-mobile era template updates.
Mobile targeted, small, JS application for try-it-on product experience.
2012 - 2014
Backend Re-platforming of the recruitment system, from legacy custom code, to the Code Igniter framework.
Dynamic documents generator.
Site structure rebuild in order to meet established Joomla standards.
Frontend Several, custom, Joomla based projects.
Optimisation: WCAG, SEO, mobile.
2008 - 2012
Frontend Dozens of custom, Joomla based projects made from a scratch.
Fullstack At the time, I was running one of the biggest sites with auction templates, dedicated to polish e-commerce giant Allegro.
Design Dozens of layouts made in the Photoshop.
Street I wish I had more time for that.
Magazine obscurny.com, local, non-commercial photo magazine which I created few years ago with the group of ambitious and devoted people.


2008 - 2012
2012 - 2014
2014 - 2024

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